Other Practitioners

Dave Garza

Certified Massage Therapist, NCBTMB Member
Dave Garza Therapeutics
(619) 980-5111

I have been practicing massage since 1994 and instructing massage therapists, yoga teachers and other health professionals since 1997. I treat many different acute and chronic pains that my clients present me such as/ but not limited to: Low back and hip pain Problematic necks Headache issues A wide range of shoulder issues Many different jaw disharmonies (pain from grinding/clenching/TMJ alignment issues) And of course, much, much more. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or want to schedule an appointment, thanks!

Sandra McKay-Billion, L.Ac.

Life Spark Fertility Acupuncture
(619) 232-8391

Sandra McKay-Billion L.Ac. has been practicing since 2005. She is Nationally Certified, and California Licenced in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her expertise lies in the treatment of pain, PTSD, women’s health, and fertility. Sandra incorporates acupuncture, cupping, cold laser therapy, red light therapy, and MPS therapy in her treatments.

Sandra helps patients conceive naturally and also provides support for those needing Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF/IUI). She has provided acupuncture sessions for on-site embryo transfers at most of the IVF clinics in San Diego.

As a Community Care provider for TriWest, Sandra loves helping local veterans reduce their pain and PTSD symptoms. Military discounts are provided for active veterans and their immediate families.

Elien Alexander, HHP

Alexander Holistics
(858) 560-8595

Elien’s mission in her practice is to inspire her clients towards better health and well- being. Each session, she takes the time to assess and listen to YOU. Elien has combined her various experience and professional training to design a session of Massage and Bodywork created for your individual needs.

Elien received a Bachelor in Health Science through San Diego State University in 1993. In 1997 she became a Holistic Health Practitioner from The School of Healing Arts (SHA). The same year, she became Certified in Pre-Natal, Peri-Natal and Postpartum Massage through Carole Osbourne-Sheet. After graduation, she was asked to teach at SHA where she taught Pregnancy Massage and Parasympathetic Massage for 18 years. Elien continued her Certifications in Hypno-Birthing through Marie Mognan and Doula training with DONA International. Elien rounded out her educational training in Homeopathy from the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California (HASC) in 2005. In 2015 became an Advance Pranic Healer through Master Koa. He is the son of Master Choa Kok Sui.

Marjeanne Estes, CMT, NCBTMB

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

(858) 775-8622



I received  my Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from Northeast Louisiana University and practiced pharmacy for ten years in Louisiana. Then I moved to San Diego, CA, to attend massage school at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) where I received an Associate of Arts degree in Combined Massage Methods. I have been in private practice for over 22 years and have taught massage therapy for 15 years. My massage work specializations are deep tissue sculpting, stress reduction, muscle dysfunction and pain, pregnancy massage (certified), and somato-emotional integration. My background in pharmacy gives me an in-depth insight into many of the medical aspects of health and has been especially useful when I worked at Sharp Memorial Hospital’s Cushman Center for Integrative and Complementary Medicine for over 9 years. My work with clients offers knowledge, compassion, and commitment while maintaining curiosity and fascination about how complex and amazing the human body really is. 

Dr. Tasha Mintzer, DACM, L.Ac.

Medicine Of The Peace

Acupuncture & Family Wellness



Medicine of the Peace offers Chinese and Indigenous medicine services for the whole family. Our goal is to serve our community by connecting individuals with the means to achieve their most optimal health. We provide natural and holistic health and wellness services utilizing the modalities of Eastern medicine and Amazonian traditions with the ultimate goal of restoring balance within. Our services include: acupuncture, pediatric acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, holistic microneedling, herbal medicine, fertility & pregnancy support, fire cupping, gua sha, Kambo, and cacao.

Dr. Tasha Mintzer, L.Ac. is a California Board certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Nationally certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture, a fourth generation medicine woman and trained as a Kambo facilitator in Curvenaca Mexico under curandera Natasha Devi of Peru. Dr. Tasha’s wish is to partner with her patients so they may access their own personal healing potentials without the use (or less use) of pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions. She empowers her patients to trust in their own bodies capacity to heal themselves. Dr. Tasha is a living testament to the power of acupuncture and herbs as she has been healing with eastern medicine since she was a child. Her clinical experience includes the treatment of pediatric health, mental-emotional health, reproductive health, pain reduction, chronic conditions and cosmetic acupuncture and microneedling.

Olga Demidova BCHN®

Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist
(720) 341-6677


Olga Demidova BCHN® is a board-certified nutrition therapist specializing in nutrition optimization, pre-gestation education and postpartum nutrition support. She demonstrates how proper nutrition can significantly impact the immune system and epigenetics at any age and for future generations, emphasizing building a healthy state in both partners for a healthy conception and the future well-being of a child.
Driven by her own health journey and professional experiences, Olga is passionate about supporting and educating those feeling stuck or confused about their health, as well as those with clear health goals. “Our body is intelligent and fully capable of restoring health within. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in creating a healthy, vibrant life and in recovering from many disorders, including traumatic brain injuries,” says Olga.
Olga’s holistic approach focuses on understanding her clients’ unique needs, past successes, and challenges. While specializing in plant-based nutrition, she does not push clients to become vegan or judge them for consuming animal products. She is open to working with anyone interested in exploring plant-based benefits.
Nutrition Services:
    •    Pre-Conception Nutrition for Both Partners
    •    Postpartum Wellness for New Moms
    •    GI Disorders
    •    Brain Injury Recovery
    •    Hypertension Management
    •    Leptin Resistance
    •    Insulin Resistance
    •    Chronic Fatigue
    •    Detox
Olga received her training from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado, and is board-certified in holistic nutrition through NANP. A former ICU and trauma nurse, she is also a certified health coach with extensive training in life coaching.
Explore Olga’s comprehensive nutrition services to unlock your full health potential and achieve a balanced, vibrant life.

Susan Van Note

Trauma-informed Somatic Practitioner and Bodyworker
Restore with Awareness




Susan Van Note is a trauma-informed Somatic bodyworker and a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner in training. 

She works with people who want:

  • relief for chronic pain and muscle tension
  • relief for symptoms of stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • addiction recovery support
  • relief for stuck energy of trauma stuck in the body
  • actionable nervous system regulation techniques

She is certified in The Feldenkrais Method®, Craniosacral Therapy, Havening Techniques®, and HeartMath®. 

Her effective somatic tools are designed to help clients find permanent relief from chronic pain, feel grounded and connected within their bodies safely, and work with the stuck energy of anxiety and trauma held in the body in a gentle, non-invasive way.

Susan has a private practice in San Diego and also works with clients in several local wellness centers for substance abuse and mental health recovery. 

Other Practitioners Outside of Our Office

Monique Magana


(619) 404-4814

Hi my name is Monique Magaña and I am a reiki master, sound healing practitioner and life coach. It has become my life’s purpose & mission to bring back ancient traditions & rituals done with prayer, intention & to educate the community on spirituality & energy healing. I love helping clients on their spiritual journey by having tools available and offer insight.

In my sessions I also offer aura clearings, chakra readings and spiritual guidance. I began studying spirituality in 2017 and it has been an amazing journey. My goal is to spread this healing in various different ways & help people connect to God, themselves & their spiritual team.

I offer one on one sessions, private group sessions, workshops and community ceremonies.

I am looking forward to being of service.

Jigme Lingpa Center


Jigme Lingpa Center is independently run and operated Dharma Center and non-profit organization, inspired by the vision of Lama Lhanang Rinpoche to provide students, the community and the public at large with Buddhist teachings, centers of fellowship and places to meditate and develop their practice.

Lama Lhanang serves as the spiritual teacher at the organization. With his guidance, Jigme Lingpa Center continue to grow and provide meaningful service to students and the public. They can be found throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia as well.

Please check the calendar for other practices throughout the month.

Justin Ehrlich, L.Ac.

Integrative Chinese Medicine
(619) 535-1876

I’ve been drawn to the many different practices that originated in ancient China for most of my life. I’ve been a licensed acupuncturist since 2002 and have been a student of the Jade Purity branch of Daoism since 2001.

Over the course of many years of questioning the nature of reality and using these practices to work through my own struggles, heal old wounds, and find a deeper connection to the Divine I’ve seen how powerful this path can be.

I’ve also been blessed to hold space for the journey of my clients and students many times over and am constantly inspired by the strength of the human spirit. I’ve studied many different branches of medicine, religion, mindfulness based practices, meditation, and philosophy.

My studies have always been focused on the practical application of these subjects in the lives of my clients and myself.