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3333 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 320, San Diego, CA 92108

Compassionate Care is the foundation and structure of Whole Family Wellness Center. As the owner, Dr. Jamie Boyd inspires and creates a place for all to be seen and heard. Compassionate listening and understanding is the place we start the healing process. You are family and we are here to listen and support you on your healing journey.

Mask Policy

As a medical office if you are showing cold or flu like symptoms or have an active cough, a mask must be worn. Please contact us if you are feeling ill before an appointment. We appreciate your continued support!


3333 Camino Del Rio South Suite 320
San Diego, CA 92108

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The Team at Whole Family Acupuncture

Dr. Jamie Boyd

Dr. Jamie Boyd is a free-spirited mother of two radiant kiddos and the owner of Whole Family Wellness Center. She has been in clinical practice and family medicine since 2006. She earned her MSTOM in 2006 and her DAOM in 2021. Jamie has an unending curiosity about medicine and healing. She has a deep love of Classical Chinese Medicine and current allopathic medicine. In her practice, she rests in both worlds and calls upon the wisdom of both systems to inspire fresh perspectives and treatments for her patients. She deeply respects allopathic diagnostic technology and Classical Chinese Medicine’s logic and 3000-year-old treatment strategies. She integrates both to help support the healing process using acupuncture and traditional herbal medicine.

Her practice is a dynamic family practice. She treats all ages from 1 day old to 110 years old. From 2002-2008, she was a homebirth Midwife Assistant for a busy midwifery practice and has attended over 50 homebirths. Her clinical rotations ranged from Rady’s Children’s Hospital in Oncology and pain management, San Diego Hospice, Gerontology Clinic at UCSD, Gynecology and Pediatrics in the TCMU hospital in Chengdu, China, and spent a fall semester in 2019 as a Wellness Coordinator and Western Medical Assistant for Carlton College Buddhist Studies Program in Bodhi Gaya, India. Her Doctorate Capstone, The Art of Doctoring: Manifestations of Compassion in Modern Multimodal Clinical Doctoring Inspired by the Sage Physician in Classical Chinese Medicine, was an IRB approved study, surveying compassionate clinical doctoring in multimodal settings. Using the data, she created a training program to inspire compassionate clinical doctoring and to improve doctor burnout in the clinical exchange.

In her limited free time, Jamie loves to hang out with her kiddos (when they let her), read at least 3 books at a time, go for long run/ walks, dance and generally wander around Nepal, India and America as often as possible.

Dr. McKenzie O’Brien

Dr. McKenzie O’Brien is a free and easy wanderer, roaming the earth with the hope of offering a safe space for unfolding and feeling into your whole body. She feels pulses, massages bellies, inserts needles, nerds out over herbs, prescribes formulas, and ultimately McKenzie helps to bring you home. Back to that perfect little nook in the universe known as you. An acupuncture session is spacious and in depth. Together you will investigate the roots of your branch issues and work together to reach harmony for the body, mind and spirit. Women’s health, pediatric care, and nervous system regulation are all specialties that McKenzie enjoys exploring. In addition, she also owns and runs a Chinese herbal pharmacy for custom herbal tea formulations!

McKenzie earned her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine from the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego. Over the course of four intensive years of study, she completed over 2,000 hours of clinical training and provided acupuncture treatments to a diverse population as a student intern. Additionally, she oversaw the operations of and assisted in the Pacific College’s Herbal Pharmacy, where she developed a deep reverence and fondness for working with plant medicine. In addition to the clinical hours attained at the Pacific College clinic, she also completed an internship at the Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego where she treated a variety of pediatric cases in inpatient and outpatient care.

Brittaney Jeffries
Office Manager

Brittaney joined Whole Family in 2014 and is the first face you see entering our practice. She embodies compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors. She facilitates patient schedules, accounting, and runs our whole wellness center. She is a gem and is here to help you get in and receive the care you need. Brittaney has been receiving alternative medicine treatments since 2011, including acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage. Integrative medicine is a passion of her’s, as she has seen first-hand the positive influence it has brought to people’s lives.

Brittaney has a great love for books of all categories and is never without one by her side. She enjoys being in nature and cooking new recipes with her husband.